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Without Him

I could not do without Him,
For Jesus means to me
More than all the richest gifts
Of earth could ever, ever be.
The more I find Him precious,
And the more I find Him true,
The more I long for you to find
What He will do for you.

What will you do without Him
In the long and dreary day
Of trouble and perplexity,
When you can't find the way?
When no one guides you right,
When hope comes not with morning,
And rest comes not with night?

What will you do without Him
When death is drawing near,
Without His love, the only love,
That casts out every fear?
When the shadow valley opens
Unlighted and inknown,
And the terror of its darkness
Must all be passed alone?

Why will you do without Him?
There is no other Name
By which you can be saved,
No hope, no way, no claim.
Without Him - everlasting loss
Of love and light and like.
Without Him - everlasting woe
And everlasting night.

You need not be without!
For He is passing by.
He is waiting to be gracious,
Only waiting for your cry!
He is waiting to receive you,
To make you all His own.
Why will you do without Him
And wander on alone?

But with Him! Oh, with Jesus!
Are any words so blest?
With Jesus - everlasting joy,
And everlasting rest.
With Jesus - empty hearts are filled
With His perfect love.
With Jesus - perfect peace below,
And perfect bliss above.


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