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Walk through the rooms of this house, dear Lord,
Making them fair and sweet.
May every wall know the touch of thy hand,
Each floor the print of Thy feet.

Help us to look through Thine eyes, dear Lord,
To stand at our windows and see
Not commonplace people who walk the streets,
But souls who have need of Thee.

Kindle a fire on our hearth, dear Lord,
Warming all who come.
Build Thou an altar where prayer shall rise,
For prayer is the heart of the home.

Sit at our table with us, dear Lord,
Making each meal a feast,
Breaking the bread that feeds our souls,
Our Host, our Guest, our Priest.

Dwell in the rooms of our house, dear Lord,
Making them sweet and fair,
Till even the passersby will say
The blessed Lord Jesus lives there.

- Martha Snell Nicholson

Open Bible Baptist Church • 72 E. Niagara Street • Tonawanda, New York • 14150 • Church (716) 695-3584 • Residence (716) 743-0308
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