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Mrs. Edith Boyd, wife of veteran evangelist
Dr. Joe M. Boyd, graduated to glory on Thursday,July 6, 2000.
She will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by many, many folks
across the country. The following poem was written in her honor 15 years ago.

It takes special grace and strength from above
To give away time with the one that you love,
To sacrifice happy hours for souls to be won,
To give your life wholly for God's precious Son.

This is the kind of a present you gave
So thousands of souls from Hell could be saved.
Your loved one you shared with us
all through the years
A gift that has cost many heartaches and tears.

You labored so faithfully in
behind-the-scenes ways;
You spent sleepless nights, and such busy days.
You cared about others and opened your home,
But much of the time you have spent all alone.

No one but the Lord knows how great is the cost
That you've dearly paid
to take Christ to the lost.
A great reward waits in your home up above
Where you'll always be with the one that you love.

"For God so loved the world that He gave;"
A great sacrifice so the lost might be saved.
In the Lord's ministry you've played
such a grest part,
For like Him, you save the one nearest your heart.

- Cathy Corle

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