Proverbs 3:5

When temptations come upon you,
And the Tempter presses hard,
Flee to Christ, in Him take refuge,
Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

When for Christ reproach you suffer
Just because you've faithful been,
E'en when friends all turn against you,
With all your heart still trust in Him

When your pathway seems uncertain,
And your eyes with tears are dim,
Do not think God has forsaken,
With all your heart keep trusting Him.

When your sins press hard upon you,
And you're longing to be free,
Hear the voice of Jesus saying,
"With all your heart just trust in Me."

Even in your service for Him,
As you're giving forth His word,
Do not lean on your own wisdom
But with all your heart trust the Lord.

Should strange trials fall upon you -
Trials that seem all too hard,
E'en darkest night will turn to morrow,
When trusting Christ with all your heart.

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